If you are worried about suffering from sleep deprivation, then you are probably wondering why and how does it even occur? Sleep deprivation affects over twenty-five percent of the American population.  Sleep deprivation can make one feel less energetic, very fatigue and tired, irritable and sensitive, and sometimes even depressed.  Sleep deprivation also harms our brain, immune system, and digestive organs, which can cause major symptoms.

But what causes all this?  Why is sleep so important?  Sleep allows us to recharge at night.  When we sleep we give our body the chance to rejuvenate and fight off illnesses.  It gives our brain the chance to relax and not stress.  Without sleep, our body cannot function properly because it is never allowed to rest.  Our bodies and brains need rest in our daily lives, at least seven to eight hours a night, to be able to be productive and awake.

sleep deprivation1 Why Does Sleep Deprivation Happen

If our brain does not get the chance to sleep for a good amount of time each night, then the chemicals will become imbalanced.  This imbalance will not allow you to think clearly and make rational decisions.  It also will cause you to be much more irritable, emotional, and angered easily.  Suffers from severe sleep deprivation may end up depressed because they can no longer handle the stress and emotions due to their lack of sleep.

Our body is effected by sleep because our organs, particularly our immune system, needs a chance to catch up due to the fact it cannot work very hard during the day with all your other activities going at a mile a minute.  The immune system will weaken significantly after sleep deprivation, which will cause one to become sick more often and for longer periods of time.  Without the relax time of you sleeping, your immune system cannot work, so it is very important that you allow yourself sleep each night, and even more sleep if you are sick.

Our digestive system suffers from a lack of sleep as well.  It affects the glucose metabolism.  The glucose will not be able to properly process through the body and will have an even greater affect on your body.  This can eventually lead in to diabetes or further problems with your health.

sleep deprivation 1 Why Does Sleep Deprivation Happen

The human body was created to have time to sleep and rest, hints to why there are nights where we are not capable of seeing.  Use your time wisely enough so that you are able to sleep each day, it is part of our creation, no matter what you believe religiously or even if you do not believe in religion.  However we got here, we are suppose to sleep, and there is no reason not to.  There are twenty four hours in each day, so plan your time accordingly so you are able to sleep and rest.  Sleeping is good for you and makes you feel much better psychologically and physically.

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