PlayStation 3 is Sony’s 3rd video game console that was met with massive success back in 2006. It was launched in Japan in 2006. PS3 is seen as the nemesis of Microsoft’s Xbox 360 and Nintendo’s Wii.

To many gamers, including you, PS3’s ultimate edge is its unified online gaming feature, the PlayStation Network: You feel like you’re a part of the game creators. PS3 has over the top multimedia features on its console. It’s also connected with PlayStation Portable. For all its cutting edge features, PS3 is not immune to occasional freezes, and you know that for a fact. Just when you’re having the best of your gaming time, everything comes to a halt. And down your momentum goes.

PS3 Freeze Why Does My PS3 Freeze

Common causes of PS3 Freeze

Freezing is a rare occurrence on PS3. But the few times they do occur, they are caused by a scratched console disk and overheating.

1. Overheating. This happens when you keep your console in a stuffed room where there’s little “breathing space” for your PS3. Too much heat on your PS3 causes a “meltdown” and can easily be remedied when you put your console in a place where it’s all by itself and no other electronic machine is beside or near it.

2. Scratches. As for scratches, it’s scratches that are on the disk that can cause looping inside. This happens at millisecond speed. In which case your console isn’t actually frozen—it’s this time lag that gets repeated over and over at certain times.

PS3 freezing is generally not very serious. The worst PS3 freezing may require you to take your console to the Sony store where you bought it from.  Truth is, you can actually do basic trouble-shooting to fix the problem.

How to fix PS3 freezing

  • Take your console away from other electronic machines at home.
  • Hold in its power button for seconds till you hear a beep
  • Look at the edges of your console and look for loose cables
  • If you see one, pull it off and plug it back in
  • Air out the hard drive for a while and put it back in your console after several minutes

If not, you can try fixing it using PlayStation 3’s repair guide.  It’s a complete how-to with detailed photos.

PS3 Repair Guide summary

PS3 Freeze 1 Why Does My PS3 Freeze

In brief, this is how you do it:

  • Carefully take your console apart.
  • Check your console’s CPU and GPU (you will see a white paste that may be cracked and maybe unevenly spread– you need to clean this well)
  • Clean your console’s GPU and CPU with dry paper. If you have to use sand-paper, don’t choose an extremely rough one.
  • Do it on a flat surface till the surface is totally clean (if there’s a need, you can purchase Arctic Silver 5 Compound) Use this on your console’s CPU and GPU: Apply on both surfaces thinly and evenly.
  • The thin distribution across the surface makes sure that every single gap is covered.
  • Finally, put the heat sink cap back on.

Play on and have fun!

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