You know your pet dog best, so when it barks you know what’s behind it. But for those who don’t have any pet dogs, it’s pretty difficult to tell. To many, a dog barking means nothing more than, well, a dog barking.

For all the many meanings people think of when dogs bark, experts say there are real reasons why dogs do them.   Some of these are:

1. Anxiety. Dogs bark when they are separated from their loved ones– that includes you. Dogs are stressed when a member of its family is taken away from it. Dogs are naturally paranoid, so when they smell something they’re not used to, they bark. Then again, there are certain levels or tones of barking that only dog experts can tell.

Dog Bark  Why Does My Dog Bark

2. Excitement. Dogs may be one of the most excitable pets around. They get excited when they see a new face at home, a new dog, a new member of the family—just anything that doesn’t seem normal catches their attention. You notice that when you take them out for a walk they bark so hard—they are as excited as you to breathe in fresh air.

3. Boredom. Dogs could be bi-polar. At one point they are overly excitable, at another literally immoveable. There are times your dog wants to horse around, and there are bad days your dog doesn’t want to move. It could be he is bored, or probably sick.

4. Barking to answer another bark. You might say barking is how dogs talk to each other. You notice that when a dog barks from the other side of the fence, your dog answers back. In dog language they are exchanging words. And only God knows what they are talking about. When the other howls, your dog howls back. So it’s canine instinct in more ways than one.

5. Barking to mark their territory. Other than peeing, dogs mark out their territory by barking around it. You see how dogs patrol their turf with a raised tail and occasional barking to mean, “I am Spot. This is my territory.”  Moreover, it is said dogs bark to announce and warn.

How to lessen your dog’s barking

You can’t stop any dog from barking, so the most you can do is to lessen it. The question, however, is how to train your dog when and where to bark at the right time.

If your dog’s issue is anxiety, make your dog feel loved. Make it feel comfortable by washing it, feeding it well, and treating it like one of the family. You should re-order your dog’s lifestyle and routine. Today there are dog specialists who can treat a dog’s separation anxiety. They can give your dog the right medicine and care to keep them calm. If it calls for serious treatment there’s a dog hospital to answer for that.

If your dog’s issue comes from boredom, which is easily treatable by giving your dog a partner,   you can always take your dog to a dog’s fair, park, or dress him up and join him in dog contests.

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