If you want to lose weight the first and the most common thing in many diet plans is that you have to cut down or simply quit alcohol. Terms such as ‘beer belly’ clearly specify that in common public weight gain is associated with alcohol, but is it really so?

Following are a number of reasons that clarify association of weight gain with alcohol consumption:

Alcohol is calorie rich

The calorie content in 1 gram of carbohydrates or proteins is 4 calories which is far less than 7 calories contained in 1 gram of alcohol. Although the calorie content in 1 gram of alcohol is little less than 9 calories contained in 1 gram of fat, but keeping in consideration how many grams of alcohol can be found in a beer can or a vodka bottle or a glass of vine you can realize that how many calories you are adding to your diet by consuming alcohol.

Alcohol Make Fat Why Does Alcohol Make You Fat?

It is also found that some alcoholic drinks also contain carbohydrates which are one more reason behind weight gain. So, being rich in calories alcohol makes you fat.

Alcohol and munchies

People who consume alcohol usually don’t just drink and always have something to munch on. That’s why in bars drinks are served with nuts, pretzels and other oily stuff which is again a reason for weight gain. Secondly alcohol acts as an appetizer and creates a craving for food that is why people who consume alcohol eat all the surplus food which they should not be eating and the result is obviously weight gain.

It should be noted that alcohol has no nutritional value so for the proper function of your body you will have to consume food in addition to alcohol.

Alcohol is first in line

Everyone wants to look leaner and if given an option, out of all the nutrients you would like to burn off fat first. When alcohol is metabolized in your body it is broken into acetate and fat. The acetate is used as the primary source of energy by your body while the fat is stored. Basically your body first burns the alcohol calories and only then it starts burning the carbs, protein and fats. So by consuming alcohol you are stopping your body from consuming the stored fats.


It is a known fact that being a depressant alcohol makes you drowsy and lethargic. Alcoholics don’t have an active life style and are usually slow and heavy thus are unable to burn fats. So again in an indirect way also alcohol is the reason behind weight gain.

Final words

I certainly don’t mean to say that you should give up alcohol entirely, but you surely want to detox from alcohol. Some alcoholic drinks have benefits also, for instance, red wine is rich in antioxidants. But you surely have to act responsible and moderate by choosing low calorie alcoholic drinks and by not consuming alcohol in place of food. I hope this article has explained to you how alcohol consumption leads to weight gain.

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