You shouldn’t complain you’ve lost your Internet connection when your PC has none in the first place. But it’s fairly common to get such complaints from computer owners who assume Internet connection comes free with the unit.  And when they get the Internet connection they want, they get back to you and say “It’s terribly slow.” Next thing you know, the Internet has completely frozen over.

Common causes of Internet connection freeze

Some of these you can easily tell, while others may need specialist attention:   

1. Corrupted registry. When your registry keys, settings, and classes are corrupted, you get Windows errors messages. Your PC’s registry contains all your computer settings. And the more you use your PC, the more complicated its registry gets. The more programs you use, the more your registry fills up with them. To solve this, you only need to clean your PC’s registry. This cuts down the chances of an Internet freeze and a PC free in general.  Use a Registry cleaner.

Internet Connection Why Does My Internet Connection Keep on Freezing

How the Registry works

  • Windows goes to your PC’s registry to know your PC’s hardware and software components.
  • Your PC’s registry teaches Windows what to do and how to run the different programs and files.
  • But at times your PC’s Registry may contain corrupted information. This leaves Windows not knowing what to do. This further leads to a rut and since Windows gets confused it doesn’t know what to do—so it freezes–including your Internet connection.

The same situation slows down your Internet connection. You have to exercise caution in cleaning up your PC’s registry—you have to be able to sift through good information from the bad one.

2. Buffering issues. Another possible reason why your Internet starts to freeze is when you run an application that lacks memory. Your computer freezes as a response to it. Experts call it a memory hog, technically termed “index.dat”. It takes time for your PC to read it, and it gets to a point where your PC’s registry gets bloated—it logs all the websites you’ve browsed, so imagine how taxing this is for your PC.

To remedy this, you may need an XP disc. This takes care of reformatting your PC. But you’ve got to have a back up of your important files—reformatting erases all files completely. A DVD or CD back up will do.

If reformatting may prove too bothersome for you, you may

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