Nothing ruins your day worse than diarrhea. While it seems to be a fairly common occurrence to people of all ages, diarrhea can lead to death. A World Health Organization survey shows that 3.5 million people die of diarrhea every year. Close to 80% pf those who died were children. Kids are more prone to diarrhea complications, and they get dehydrated easily.

Diarrhea happens when you have an uncontrollable, watery bowel movement. In its acute form, diarrhea can last between five to ten days at which point you shall have lost a lot of water.   Diarrhea comes with a cramp in your abdomen. And many times you get this uncomfortable burning sensation in your backside. To most kids, though, diarrhea comes with fever and chills.

Diarrhea Why Does Diarrhea Burn

What causes diarrhea

We know of germs as the principal cause of diarrhea but there are actually many others. It could be a virus or a parasite, if not contaminated milk. The more serious cause is Crohn’s disease—it’s when your intestines swell for some unknown reason.

Other possible causes of diarrhea are abdominal surgery, celiac disease, and stomach cramps. It has been found out that artificial sweeteners, fresh milk, could induce diarrhea. But always, diarrhea comes with a blistering feeling around your anus.

The burning sensation down there

Nothing’s actually burning down there. It all starts when food makes its way around our gastro intestinal tract. Our body secretes acids and enzymes to break down food into molecules so the small intestines can easily digest it. When food reaches our small intestines they’re finely ground and look like soup. The food is also full of enzymes. Throughout this cycle enzymes never stop acting on food. When the food is absorbed enzymes start to die out, and what is left is practically waste. This takes place in the large intestines.

But when you have diarrhea your intestines move faster than normal, so the food in it moves twice as fast as it’s supposed to. So the liquid food in the small intestines (being liquid) passes quickly through the large intestine and out of the exit. The enzymes run after it, and that’s why you get a burning sensation around your anal tissue.

Diarrhea Why Does Diarrhea Burn

Red pepper causes a burning sensation too

The other possible reason why you may have a burning sensation even without diarrhea is when you have too much red pepper intake. Red or cayenne pepper has capsaicin. This substance makes pepper taste hot and chili. When you eat red pepper, capsaicin is not easily digested—it resists digestive enzymes and therefore remains intact. When you poop capsaicin rubs on your anal tissues and binds with the pain receptors there. A signal is sent to your brain that makes you feel a burning sensation. For all the bad sensation it crates, capsaicin is a very potent antioxidant. It is rich in vitamin E, magnesium, and other minerals.

The funny thing about diarrhea, however, is that at times it just happens for no reason. And when it does, you can call it a day.

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