With more than 20 million active users around the world, YouTube is the world’s largest video streaming and sharing site. You wouldn’t know how big the population of random users, hackers, copyright bandits, and perverts using YouTube.  Now imagine each one using YouTube all at the same time—by “using” we mean uploading, watching, and sharing video: What happens? You don’t need to go to YouTube to be able to see the result.

Whatever your Internet browser is, you get a YouTube choke at one time or another. If your favorite video doesn’t fall behind by a few seconds, it stops altogether.

YouTube Why Does YouTube Freeze

Common reasons why YouTube freezes

You are so used to it at certain times of the day that you’ve learned to deal with it squarely. At other times, though, it’s like having a look out your own window. Everything moves in real time.

But YouTube freezing happens because of these reasons:

1. Thousands of users upload videos all at the same time. As expected the loading time takes almost forever because of this. However massive YouTube is, it has no control over the traffic of users and downloads on the site. On second thought, it has nothing to lose practically—in fact it only stands to gain.

2. When you have big programs running while your YouTube is on. This slows down your PC and gets in the way of your uploading and watching. Sometimes because of this your video doesn’t work the way it should.

3. In general video and audio programs take up much space on your PC. Sound and video clips have graphics that are far bigger than ordinary files.  That is why for faster YouTube use you need to have a fast Internet connection and all your hardware should be spanking new. Watching and uploading video gets in the way of your dial-up connection.

4. Your Internet connection is just too slow.  This is a thing that you should have considered first:  still, a fast Internet connection does not guarantee faster YouTube uploading because it isn’t just you, remember?—it’s probably 20 million others out there. What you can do is change your uploading or YouTube watching habits—do it at a time most YouTube users don’t. This way you’d be able to know whether it’s your Internet connection that’s slow, or it’s your computer: When you use YouTube at these rare times and loading time goes faster, that means the issue is with YouTube traffic. But if it’s still the same, it must be your computer.

How to avoid YouTube freezing

There’s no esoteric way to avoid YouTube freeze when the issue is your computer’s RAM, Internet connection, or with YouTube itself.   Nevertheless, these steps will help:

  • Update your video display driver with a new one
  • Re-seat your PC’s RAM chip.
  • Close your browser and tabs.
  • Don’t restore opened tabs—instead start from “fresh
  • Exit YouTube (but don’t close your browser )
  • Then shutdown and reboot.

The issue of hits and the lack thereof can best be judged by public taste—and the lack thereof.

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