• To some, a howling dog portends death and destruction. But to those with creative persuasion, a howl inspires artistic excellence. Allen Ginsberg launched his poetry career on a poem called “Howl” and a throng of horror film makers built a strong following making werewolf films. One filmmaker of note in that area is Joe Dante […]

  • You’ve seen and heard stories about dogs doing nasty things in public. Even trained dogs go off their rocker sometimes. That’s why you can’t blame some people to call dogs stupid animals– especially if they poop in public.  No matter how much you toilet train your dog if it catches diarrhea, there’s no way you […]

  • We don’t like dogs that can’t learn tricks fast—at least the simple ones. For some reason, we all want pet dogs because we want to teach them a trick or two. It is said the easiest trick you can teach your dog is to make it follow you around. That one doesn’t need much training […]

  • You have seen tons of reality videos showing people in various stages of public humiliation. And the most shameful of these is a dog humping somebody’s pants. There’s nothing shameful about the act per se– it’s the act of doing it in public. Why do dogs hump anything Some curious theories why dogs hump are: […]

  • You can’t imagine a dog that doesn’t pant. Dogs have a charming way of doing it that easily wins us over. It’s what they do if they don’t bark or sniff.  We take dog panting for granted since it’s the most natural thing in the world.  But whether you like it or not, there certain […]


Why Does Alcohol Burn

Before you think of beer and whisky, you ought to know that there are generally two kinds of alcohol: the first group is called the […]

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If you can’t find time to go for a massage, you can stretch and make your back pop and rattle, whichever comes first. One or the other makes you feel good that you come away with a smile on your face. Stretching is not only for the elderly nor for athletes. Look at cats and dogs—they love to stretch even with very little sleep. Reasons why stretching makes you feel […]

We all have our brush with stubborn Windows Installer pop ups. And we’ve felt every imaginable shades of annoyance toward this. What’s most annoying is the phrase that says “Preparing to install” without saying or showing you anything else. If that doesn’t get at you, wasted time probably will. What is Windows Installer Windows installer helps you work with various software fairly easily. Windows installer makes installing, upgrading, deleting, and […]

The day you installed Vista into your PC, you heaved a sigh of relief. Slow days are over, you thought.  Called Microsoft’s next generation operating system, Vista has earned a name for ease of use and performance, far more and above Windows XP. For good reasons: Vista capitalizes on these features: It can spy hardware problems Its security feature covers the latest virulent threats like viruses and spyware Even if […]

It sounds like a question asked at the dawn of the Stone Age.  If at all, grade school kids have surely made an experiment along these lines in Science class—if not in your own  backyard ( while you were not looking). And they came by the answers just as when smoke started forming. The moral of the story is: Keep matchsticks out of reach of misguided children. All living things […]

With more than 20 million active users around the world, YouTube is the world’s largest video streaming and sharing site. You wouldn’t know how big the population of random users, hackers, copyright bandits, and perverts using YouTube.  Now imagine each one using YouTube all at the same time—by “using” we mean uploading, watching, and sharing video: What happens? You don’t need to go to YouTube to be able to see […]

The only thing that’s probably not on Youtube may be the invisible. But even that is highly suspect as Youtube abounds with factual and imagined videos. Youtube is the world’s leading video sharing site.  It was formed in 2005 by three friends, Char Hurley, Jawed Karim, and Steve Chen. Less than a year later Goggle bought Youtube for $1.65 billion. For the record, the most popular Youtube video of all […]

A runny nose is certainly not a good sign of your health.  There’s just no acceptable reason why you can say otherwise. From what you know every onset of disease is announced by a runny nose, if not fever. A very sad movie or story can give you a runny nose, too. What’s in your nose Your nose has sensitive tissues and membranes inside. Aside from that your nose has […]

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