• According to the Nebular Hypothesis sun is a cooling and rotating nebula and our planet earth has been formed as a result of solidification of a ring along with eight other such rings thrown by it.  Theory of nebular hypothesis was put forward by German philosopher, Kant and French mathematician, Laplace. But according to the [...]

  • Moon in our solar system does not shine by its own light but in fact it is visible to us on earth because it reflects light from the sun, this phenomenon is known as moon’s Albedo. Albedo is basically the reflecting power of a surface and it is measured on a scale of 0 to [...]

  • The dictionary definition of the word crater is as follows “a large hole in the ground or a surface caused by an explosion”. These holes or craters can either be manmade or can be natural. Basically a crater is a deep hole found on the moon or any planet surface. Impact crater is generally referred [...]

  • Observers of American politics have already said this: the U.S. Government is strongly supportive of Israel. Despite Israel’s socio-political activities against Palestine and Lebanon, the United States continues to funnel economic and military aid to Israel’s coffers. Why does the U.S. support Israel? The reasons may be found in three contexts: historical, religious, and economic. [...]

  • Bolivia is found right in the center of the continent of South America. Surrounded by other South American countries like Brazil, Peru, Chile, Argentina, and Paraguay, the country of Bolivia serves as a meeting place for a diverse cultural exchange. It has three major urban cities – Santa Cruz, Cochabamba, and La Paz – where [...]


Why Does Copper Turn Green?

The metal copper is made up of Cu (metal atoms) and is a very common metal that is used by humans in different ways. In [...]

Why Does My Pinky Finger Bend?

Why does one need high-fiber food

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Doctors and medical experts all around the world strongly oppose the habit of smoking as it has been found to be a serious threat to human health. Researches in the medical field have proved that several hostile diseases such as stenosis, strokes, cancer and malfunctioning of the cardiovascular system are also caused due to the bad habit of smoking. High blood pressure is also a result of excessive smoking. High [...]

Relaxation — it seems such an easy thing to do, yet for many people the meaning of the world is lost. What is the first thing to learn in trying to relax? The first thing to learn whenever you are going to do something is to know the roots of a problem. If you ask me how I would get rid of my tension then I would have to know [...]

Until recently, fiber was considered a necessary part of everyone’s diet mainly because it promoted intestinal regularity. Lack of enough fiber could cause constipation — nothing more. But medical researchers have begun to find additional important reasons for including in everyday meals enough foods that are high in fiber. Recent evidence points to the possibility that a low-fiber diet may be a factor in the high incidence of certain illnesses, [...]

Swine flu has caused worldwide panic and may have caused absolute ban on pork were it not for a quick massive information campaign. Even in the United and Europe, swine flu is little understood, and may have gone unnoticed without informed media campaign.   Swine flu flared up showing symptoms pretty much like your average flu. What gets health authorities heads reeling is the utter unreliability of death figures. According to [...]

PlayStation 3 is Sony’s 3rd video game console that was met with massive success back in 2006. It was launched in Japan in 2006. PS3 is seen as the nemesis of Microsoft’s Xbox 360 and Nintendo’s Wii. To many gamers, including you, PS3’s ultimate edge is its unified online gaming feature, the PlayStation Network: You feel like you’re a part of the game creators. PS3 has over the top multimedia [...]

Not everyone who scratches his scalp has a big problem. You scratch your scalp when you’re annoyed in public, or you’re probably in deep thought. If not you probably just have an itchy scalp. And an itchy scalp is not anything you can shrug off, especially if your hair starts falling. Common causes of an itchy scalp It’s not only those who have long thick hair who might have itchy [...]

A skin peeling session sounds like a very appealing invitation to people with rough and pockmarked cheeks.  But to those with well toned- fair skin, skin peeling is not only pointless—it can even cause doubts. A peeling skin can be viewed in many ways, depending on where you’re coming from. So long as it doesn’t come with the great itch and blisters, you might even have a go at it. [...]

Some wound disinfectants are not as crystal clear as hydrogen peroxide: One more reason why it seems to be the more preferred wound cleanser by many households. The other reason why you’d go with hydrogen peroxide is because it doesn’t leave as much pain on the wound as the other disinfectants. Peroxide is used as a popular disinfectant to wounds and house ware.  Peroxide contains 5% hydrogen peroxide or less. [...]

If you can’t find time to go for a massage, you can stretch and make your back pop and rattle, whichever comes first. One or the other makes you feel good that you come away with a smile on your face. Stretching is not only for the elderly nor for athletes. Look at cats and dogs—they love to stretch even with very little sleep. Reasons why stretching makes you feel [...]

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