The only thing that’s probably not on Youtube may be the invisible. But even that is highly suspect as Youtube abounds with factual and imagined videos. Youtube is the world’s leading video sharing site.  It was formed in 2005 by three friends, Char Hurley, Jawed Karim, and Steve Chen. Less than a year later Goggle bought Youtube for $1.65 billion.

For the record, the most popular Youtube video of all time is Judson Lapply’s “Evolution of Dance” which got 41 million hits. Youtube allows you to upload a video so long as it doesn’t show graphic sex and explicitly promote  moral and religious intolerance. Again, this is a subject of hot debate: You can upload a “private” video shared between friends, and only God knows what’s on there.   Since then Youtube has launched careers of otherwise unknown entities in the our planet’s scheme of things.

Youtube Logo Why Does Youtube Take so Long to Load

Common reasons why Youtube freezes

Since Yuotube is a video streaming and sharing site that carries millions and millions of video files, it could slow down because of:

1. Inadequate VRAM and Internet bandwidth.  Your PC’s VRAM and your Internet bandwidth may be falling  short.  What happens is, every time you use Youtube the site loads videos into your PC’s VRAM for you to be able to see it on the screen–which is why you should know if it’s inadequate because the format may look differently.  In that case you need to upgrade your PC’s VRAM.

2. Slow buffering. Another reason is your computer’s buffering time.  But it depends largely on how long the video and how fast is your Internet connection. With a faster connection and shorter video, your VRAM loads equally faster. The longer the video,  the slower it will load. Add to this your rush to watch the video even while it loads, then it makes the thing even slower: You keep on clicking until it freezes. And you get the spinning white circles.

3. Full cache. Another possible reason is, your cache memory may be full.

How to avoid Youtube freeze

While waiting for your VRAM upgrade, you can do these:

  • Exit Youtube (but leave your browser running).
  • Check you disk by de-fragmenting it.
  • Switch your PC on again and see if  Youtube still freezes.  If so, download a free registry clean up program from your maker’s site.
  • Then go back to Windows update and download all the updates you need.

Youtube Long to Load Why Does Youtube Take so Long to Load

Not all videos on Youtube can be seen by all users. You can actually choose to make your video private—go to “Edit Video Info” and select “Private” under “Broadcast.”

Since its earliest days Youtube has been continually battling with copyrights claims made by those whose videos are uploaded without their consent. They are mainly singers and record producers. That’s why in 2007 Youtube announced that it had installed a software that can automatically detect whether the uploaded video is an original copy or not.

Not all videos on Youtube are worth your time, however: How you filter trash from treasure is up to you.

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