Getting a dog lick gives you a far better feeling than getting a bite. You never see a dog stick its tongue out if it’s angry or upset. Dog licking is a form of body language.

You see your dog lick at things all the time and it apparently looks harmless. Sometimes you catch your dog licking unpleasant things, especially those that smell bad. On rare occasions, moreover, you might see your dog licking compulsively, followed by drooling. It now appears pathological.

Since you know your dog very well, you’d be able to tell if the licking is normal. Otherwise, there’s reason to worry.

Dog Lick Everything Why Does My Dog Lick Everything

Causes of dog licking

Licking is part of your dog’s life since day one. Right after giving birth, the mommy dog licks its pup to comfort and give it warmth. For grown up dogs, though, some of the common reasons for licking are:

1. An expression of loyalty. Your dog lets you know who’s boss by licking you. It also barks and wags its tail to mean the same. And when it licks you, it’s an equivalent to a kiss.

2. Expression of obedience. Dogs lick other dogs’ snout to say they are friends and they belong together. Under that condition they obey one another as well as share responsibilities.

3. Expression of attraction. When dogs like each other, they lick certain parts of their body to express the feeling. It begins with a sniff and progresses into constant licking.

4. Cleaning. Mother dogs lick their pup to clean them. Un-trained and grown up dogs clean themselves by licking at their paws, hinds, or any body part their tongue can reach.

5. As habit. If you train your dog to lick, then it turns into a habit. To avoid “programming” your dog to a fault, be cautious about giving punishment and reward: Don’t be too generous nor too strict.

Others signs of licking

But licking may have a downside. Excessive licking slides down to pica, an abnormal craving  to just chew on anything that’s not supposed to be eaten. Apparently, it not only occurs in women and children, but also in dogs.  There have been cases about dogs having pica that had led to ugly situations. Your vet is in the best position to treat your dog’s pica. However, if you notice early signs of the disorder, you may remedy it by giving your dog something hard to chew on and warding of its attention to something else: Take it out for a walk and play fetch with it.

Dog Lick Everything 1 Why Does My Dog Lick Everything

Your dog may be licking out of anxiety and fear. This usually occurs in dogs that are not given to barking.  Instead of making noise, they take to licking at things around them to seek  comfort. On the other hand, it might be an anxiety rooted in excitement. When you have taught your dog to wake you up in the morning at a certain time, sometimes it can’t wait to do it. So it enters your room and finds you sleeping. Then it makes an effort to wake you up by licking you in the face.

If your dog shows none of these signs, let it lick away. Just make sure it’s well groomed and kept clean all the time.

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