Until recently, fiber was considered a necessary part of everyone’s diet mainly because it promoted intestinal regularity. Lack of enough fiber could cause constipation — nothing more. But medical researchers have begun to find additional important reasons for including in everyday meals enough foods that are high in fiber. Recent evidence points to the possibility that a low-fiber diet may be a factor in the high incidence of certain illnesses, […]

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This is not a tongue-in-cheek question. Nor is it a nasty one.  There really is something to be said about that corn in the toilet bowl. No matter how you chew it, corn always comes out in kernels. Corn’s outer coating The most acceptable explanation is that when we chew corn, the kernel’s outer layer merely comes off. The yellowish outer layer is made of cellulose. Cellulose cannot be digested, […]

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Chocolate is made from cacao beans that were fermented for several days, and then dried out in the sun. The beans are then roasted and winnowed. But to create the chocolate bars sold at supermarkets, the inner nibs of the cacao beans are heated to melt the cocoa butter and then ground to a paste. The paste is called chocolate liquor although it doesn’t have any alcohol content. Surprisingly, the […]

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Strawberries are one of the yummiest and juiciest fruits around. Along with blueberries and cranberries, strawberries are used in making desserts, juices and shakes. Both children and adults love its mouth-watering scent and delicious flavor. What most attracts us to strawberries, however, is its red appearance when ripe. What is it in strawberries that make them look so enticingly red? Is it something in the fruit? If cranberries were a […]

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