Looking at a frozen computer makes you feel like looking at a corpse. If it happens all too frequently, you’d either flare up or grow cold yourself. And this is no exaggeration. From the outside computer freeze may just be one of those ordinary PC quirks we experience everyday. But if it gets in the way of your work, it’s another story. Computer freeze is causing you and thousands of others unreasonable stress

Why computers freeze

Computers freeze mainly because of errors in their computer registry. What makes it difficult is that most computer users like you don’t care much about registry files. Nor do you care about how to fix them.

Computer registry is as important as other computer hardware. They teach your computer how to start, run, and end programs. Your computer’s registry is in fact the most sensitive part of your computer.  But you notice that as time goes by  your PC piles up errors in its system registry that causes your PC to stall. Your PC is jammed with too much information that it needs to be cleaned up to make it run smoothly again. A screwed registry screws up other programs on your PC.

Computer Freeze1 Why Does Your Computer Freeze

Fixing the freeze

You can fix the problem by downloading a Registry cleaner software. It returns your Registry to normal setting. If not, do these:

1. To avoid losing your files, save your work as often as you can.

2. Press Control-Alt-Delete. This pops up your Windows Task Manager. Sometimes this appears in various versions of Windows. Your PC tells you which software responds to it and which one freezes.

3. Click End task on the software that is not responding.

If Windows doesn’t respond, go back to Control-Alt-Delete and switch off your PC to temporarily relieve the freeze, press the button in front of your PC. 

4. Unplug the power cord and leave it free for minutes.  When you do this your PC resets and fixes itself.  Switch your PC back on. Then open the software.

5. Run only the applications you want to use and close all the rest.  Your computer freezes when it handles too many applications all at the same time. The most number of programs running your PC can have is three.

6. If your PC is on the verge of overheating,  get a blow-off duster from the fan area and clean your PC with it.  If this doesn’t work and you’re pressed for time, take you PC to a trusted technician. It could mean your motherboard and hardware need serious repair.

7. Sometimes the freeze is caused by the website you browse—if that’s the case, stop going there, if not use another browser.  If freezing continues, uninstall and reinstall it for minutes. If it doesn’t work still, change your browser.

8. Check your PC for spyware and viruses. They’re the usual suspects in frequent PC freezing. To check this, do a virus and spyware check. Moreover, make sure your PC’s security software is updated and installed correctly.

A freeze doesn’t make working on the PC cool. Get rid of it and get back on the right track.

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