• To some, a howling dog portends death and destruction. But to those with creative persuasion, a howl inspires artistic excellence. Allen Ginsberg launched his poetry career on a poem called “Howl” and a throng of horror film makers built a strong following making werewolf films. One filmmaker of note in that area is Joe Dante […]

  • You’ve seen and heard stories about dogs doing nasty things in public. Even trained dogs go off their rocker sometimes. That’s why you can’t blame some people to call dogs stupid animals– especially if they poop in public.  No matter how much you toilet train your dog if it catches diarrhea, there’s no way you […]

  • We don’t like dogs that can’t learn tricks fast—at least the simple ones. For some reason, we all want pet dogs because we want to teach them a trick or two. It is said the easiest trick you can teach your dog is to make it follow you around. That one doesn’t need much training […]

  • You have seen tons of reality videos showing people in various stages of public humiliation. And the most shameful of these is a dog humping somebody’s pants. There’s nothing shameful about the act per se– it’s the act of doing it in public. Why do dogs hump anything Some curious theories why dogs hump are: […]

  • You can’t imagine a dog that doesn’t pant. Dogs have a charming way of doing it that easily wins us over. It’s what they do if they don’t bark or sniff.  We take dog panting for granted since it’s the most natural thing in the world.  But whether you like it or not, there certain […]


Why Does Alcohol Burn

Before you think of beer and whisky, you ought to know that there are generally two kinds of alcohol: the first group is called the […]

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When your jaw drops it means you’ve seen something unbelievable. This occurs naturally even to the most frigid of us. But a popping jaw is something else. Unless you’re a mixed martial arts fighter, getting a popping jaw is as rare as sashimi with bones.  When your jaw pops, it sounds like you are sick or trying to be funny. Common causes of popping jaw An irregular click in your […]

The sound your knee makes is somewhere between a crack and a pop. Anything more than that may mean your knee is broken. For many athletes, knee popping may be part of warm up exercises, but they don’t do it for its own sake. Common reasons of knee popping Again, the knee popping sound here is not meant for laughs. It happens at a time you’re not ready for it, […]

Your lap top is no different from the average PC. So the reasons why it freezes now and then must surely be no different from the PC’s. But before you start trouble-shooting, you need to answer these questions: (In truth, these are trouble-shooting questions.) 1. When did you last clean your laptop’s Registry? You know very well that when your lap tops’ registry gets corrupted, it can lead to many […]

Freezing and turning off of laptops don’t happen to old models only. Even relatively newer ones may shut off if something’s amiss. You can think of the usual suspects, and your hunch may just be correct. First, let’s clear up some terms here. A computer or lap top shut down is called system freeze. And it’s usually caused by a hardware defect.  Even while your lap top constantly turns on […]

Your mouse hasn’t seen a cat, all right. It’s just that its cursor freezes where it points. And you yank your mouse back and forth to see if it’s still alive and breathing, but it doesn’t respond. It’s not dead, OK– it just freezes over. But don’t jump to conclusions yet: you have to make sure it’s your mouse that freezes and not your computer. A likely scenario: your mouse […]

Ladies treat their nails like their hair: They can’t go out of the house with them in shambles.  Nails and fingers can make or break a lady’s  hand—literally and figuratively. To fashionistas around the world, the slightest lump on their nail gets them upset–like  a bubbly nail polish. Reasons why nail polish bubbles The reasons are pretty few and obvious, but how to get nail polishing right is debate fodder […]

Even if you smoke Cuban cigars three times a day, you don’t run the risk of burning your nose right away.  The burning sensation in your nose isn’t caused by cigar ember and the smoke: So much depends on the degree of the burning sensation. And the causes may be unpredictable. Common causes of burning nose sensation For starters, let’s rule out excessive smoking and cocaine-snorting (although these two produce […]

Rock singers have no major issues with a cracking voice—that’s how they’re supposed to sing. But it’s us non-singers who should worry about unlikely voice cracks. Common reasons of cracking voice An occasional voice crack caused by surprise is understandable. Not even Mariah Carey is exempt from it. What might cause you alarm is a kind of cracking that’s followed by pain, throat fluid, and a rise in body temperature.  […]

Xbox 360 is Microsoft’s second major video game. It is widely considered as the heir apparent to the Xbox. There’s no doubt that today XBox 360 poses a major threat to Sony’s PlayStation 3 and Nintendo’s Wii. The choice is yours to make which one of these gives you the most fun. But granting you’ve chosen XBox 360, what of its annoying red lights while you’re at the peak of […]

If you are worried about suffering from sleep deprivation, then you are probably wondering why and how does it even occur? Sleep deprivation affects over twenty-five percent of the American population.  Sleep deprivation can make one feel less energetic, very fatigue and tired, irritable and sensitive, and sometimes even depressed.  Sleep deprivation also harms our brain, immune system, and digestive organs, which can cause major symptoms. But what causes all […]

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