Your lap top is no different from the average PC. So the reasons why it freezes now and then must surely be no different from the PC’s.

But before you start trouble-shooting, you need to answer these questions: (In truth, these are trouble-shooting questions.)

1. When did you last clean your laptop’s Registry? You know very well that when your lap tops’ registry gets corrupted, it can lead to many complications—constant freezing is one of them. Maybe your registry files are messed up that your lap top starts to choke. You need to scan your registry, then.

Laptop Keep Freezing Why Does My Laptop Keep Freezing

2. Is your RAM space enough? Your RAM may be running out of space. If your lap top’s RAM can store this much files, and you continue to ram files down its throat, then it’s as good as though you’re strangling it. Increase your RAM space by deleting program and files you no longer need.
3. Does your lap top have a virus? Your laptop may have had more than enough virus. Run Spyware and check if your lap top is infected.

4. What about your hardware? Check your hardware. Did you just add a new hardware? Is it compatible with your lap top? Does it match your lap top’s specs? Your new driver should meet these. Notice that when you boot, the Grab Menu shows you an option “memtest 86+”. You can scan that (but it takes hours). You should be able to see the result much later, but if it shows you the same error, it could be your motherboard has the error.

5. Is that what they call system freeze? OK, you can say it’s the software but even so the OS gets in the way of your lap top’s basic processes.  The bigger question, however, is: Can you avoid system freeze? It’s a resounding “Yes!” But it’s not easy.  You see, it discards the warranty clause. You have to be able to convince your lap top store that you have had no hand in the freeze. A system freeze starts from within.  The most believable argument should be, “It freezes every time I run this program.” When it works, you can exchange lap top parts, but don’t trade your motherboard for anything.
6. Is it the heat? The least idea you can entertain is to think that your new lap top may be overheating, if not your motherboard has loose caps. When your system overheats because your CPU’s temperature goes awry, your lap top has auto power down feature.  Most PC and lap top lock ups occur due to overheating. Check your temperature device and have a look at your laptop CPU.  Check your laptop’s casing and clear out the vents.

Some lap tops and PCs have an advanced configuration power interchange that shows completed message on the screen before your PC shuts down.  PCs with ACPI have an ACPI-compliant basic input/output system or BIOS that allows your PC’s operating system to turn off its power supply automatically.

If freezing continues, you need a new one.

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