• To some, a howling dog portends death and destruction. But to those with creative persuasion, a howl inspires artistic excellence. Allen Ginsberg launched his poetry career on a poem called “Howl” and a throng of horror film makers built a strong following making werewolf films. One filmmaker of note in that area is Joe Dante […]

  • You’ve seen and heard stories about dogs doing nasty things in public. Even trained dogs go off their rocker sometimes. That’s why you can’t blame some people to call dogs stupid animals– especially if they poop in public.  No matter how much you toilet train your dog if it catches diarrhea, there’s no way you […]

  • We don’t like dogs that can’t learn tricks fast—at least the simple ones. For some reason, we all want pet dogs because we want to teach them a trick or two. It is said the easiest trick you can teach your dog is to make it follow you around. That one doesn’t need much training […]

  • You have seen tons of reality videos showing people in various stages of public humiliation. And the most shameful of these is a dog humping somebody’s pants. There’s nothing shameful about the act per se– it’s the act of doing it in public. Why do dogs hump anything Some curious theories why dogs hump are: […]

  • You can’t imagine a dog that doesn’t pant. Dogs have a charming way of doing it that easily wins us over. It’s what they do if they don’t bark or sniff.  We take dog panting for granted since it’s the most natural thing in the world.  But whether you like it or not, there certain […]


Why Does Alcohol Burn

Before you think of beer and whisky, you ought to know that there are generally two kinds of alcohol: the first group is called the […]

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Leading a sedentary lifestyle can kill you! If you’re like millions of Americans, you spend a large percentage of your life sitting down, perhaps sitting in an office chair for 8 to 10 hours per day, or watching soap operas as you lie back on the couch and relax. Such a lifestyle doesn’t seem too glamorous, and the fact that it can shorten your life should be enough to motivate […]

The dictionary definition of the word crater is as follows “a large hole in the ground or a surface caused by an explosion”. These holes or craters can either be manmade or can be natural. Basically a crater is a deep hole found on the moon or any planet surface. Impact crater is generally referred term when the word crater is used. When a planetary object or a large body […]

PlayStation 3 is Sony’s 3rd video game console that was met with massive success back in 2006. It was launched in Japan in 2006. PS3 is seen as the nemesis of Microsoft’s Xbox 360 and Nintendo’s Wii. To many gamers, including you, PS3’s ultimate edge is its unified online gaming feature, the PlayStation Network: You feel like you’re a part of the game creators. PS3 has over the top multimedia […]

Not everyone who scratches his scalp has a big problem. You scratch your scalp when you’re annoyed in public, or you’re probably in deep thought. If not you probably just have an itchy scalp. And an itchy scalp is not anything you can shrug off, especially if your hair starts falling. Common causes of an itchy scalp It’s not only those who have long thick hair who might have itchy […]

Some wound disinfectants are not as crystal clear as hydrogen peroxide: One more reason why it seems to be the more preferred wound cleanser by many households. The other reason why you’d go with hydrogen peroxide is because it doesn’t leave as much pain on the wound as the other disinfectants. Peroxide is used as a popular disinfectant to wounds and house ware.  Peroxide contains 5% hydrogen peroxide or less. […]

Motorists whine over the rising cost of diesel, the price goes up almost every other day. Diesel got its name from German inventor Rudolf Diesel, who made the first car to run on diesel in 1892. Advantages of a Diesel Engine It is said diesel is more efficient than most engine fuel. It is more preferred than gasoline for the following reasons: it creates less noise in the machine a […]

There are many things that can get in the way of smooth driving—drunk driving, poor vision, road rage, sleepy driving, and engine trouble caused by overheating. It pays that you know engine trouble shooting. Before taking out your tool box, you need to answer this question first: Does your car’s engine have enough antifreeze in the radiator? Common causes of overheating You’d be able to know your car is on […]

Everyone knows Lamborghinis aren’t exactly the cheapest cars on the planet, but when the Italian company released their 50th Anniversary creation in 2013 – the Veneno Roadster – its outrageous looks came at an outrageous price – the cool £3.36M needed to secure this lunatic of machine earned it the ‘World’s Most Expensive Car’ title. So why does the Lamborghini Veneno Roadster cost so much? Before I explain, here are […]

When auto manufacturers decide to revive an old classic, it’s often comparable to a movie remake – whilst it might make for entertaining viewing, it lacks the punch, originality and the impression it made throughout the zeitgeist in which it ruled. Buick has always been considered a premium brand, its cars luxurious yet lacking any kind of performance. For years (and still to this day) the luxury cars have been associated […]

  If you want to lose weight the first and the most common thing in many diet plans is that you have to cut down or simply quit alcohol. Terms such as ‘beer belly’ clearly specify that in common public weight gain is associated with alcohol, but is it really so? Following are a number of reasons that clarify association of weight gain with alcohol consumption: Alcohol is calorie rich […]

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