• According to the Nebular Hypothesis sun is a cooling and rotating nebula and our planet earth has been formed as a result of solidification of a ring along with eight other such rings thrown by it.  Theory of nebular hypothesis was put forward by German philosopher, Kant and French mathematician, Laplace. But according to the [...]

  • Moon in our solar system does not shine by its own light but in fact it is visible to us on earth because it reflects light from the sun, this phenomenon is known as moon’s Albedo. Albedo is basically the reflecting power of a surface and it is measured on a scale of 0 to [...]

  • The dictionary definition of the word crater is as follows “a large hole in the ground or a surface caused by an explosion”. These holes or craters can either be manmade or can be natural. Basically a crater is a deep hole found on the moon or any planet surface. Impact crater is generally referred [...]

  • Observers of American politics have already said this: the U.S. Government is strongly supportive of Israel. Despite Israel’s socio-political activities against Palestine and Lebanon, the United States continues to funnel economic and military aid to Israel’s coffers. Why does the U.S. support Israel? The reasons may be found in three contexts: historical, religious, and economic. [...]

  • Bolivia is found right in the center of the continent of South America. Surrounded by other South American countries like Brazil, Peru, Chile, Argentina, and Paraguay, the country of Bolivia serves as a meeting place for a diverse cultural exchange. It has three major urban cities – Santa Cruz, Cochabamba, and La Paz – where [...]


Why Does Copper Turn Green?

The metal copper is made up of Cu (metal atoms) and is a very common metal that is used by humans in different ways. In [...]

Why Does My Pinky Finger Bend?

Why does one need high-fiber food

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Motorists whine over the rising cost of diesel, the price goes up almost every other day. Diesel got its name from German inventor Rudolf Diesel, who made the first car to run on diesel in 1892. Advantages of a Diesel Engine It is said diesel is more efficient than most engine fuel. It is more preferred than gasoline for the following reasons: it creates less noise in the machine a [...]

There are many things that can get in the way of smooth driving—drunk driving, poor vision, road rage, sleepy driving, and engine trouble caused by overheating. It pays that you know engine trouble shooting. Before taking out your tool box, you need to answer this question first: Does your car’s engine have enough antifreeze in the radiator? Common causes of overheating You’d be able to know your car is on [...]

Everyone knows Lamborghinis aren’t exactly the cheapest cars on the planet, but when the Italian company released their 50th Anniversary creation in 2013 – the Veneno Roadster – its outrageous looks came at an outrageous price – the cool £3.36M needed to secure this lunatic of machine earned it the ‘World’s Most Expensive Car’ title. So why does the Lamborghini Veneno Roadster cost so much? Before I explain, here are [...]

When auto manufacturers decide to revive an old classic, it’s often comparable to a movie remake – whilst it might make for entertaining viewing, it lacks the punch, originality and the impression it made throughout the zeitgeist in which it ruled. Buick has always been considered a premium brand, its cars luxurious yet lacking any kind of performance. For years (and still to this day) the luxury cars have been associated [...]

Driving and alcohol is a hostile combination. In United States of America the rate of deaths and injuries caused due to drunk drivers is very high. Several preventive measures such as establishing  DWI courts, suspending or revoking driver licenses, impounding or confiscating vehicle plates, impounding  or immobilizing vehicles, enforcing open container bans, increasing penalties such as fines or jail for drunk driving, mandating alcohol education, safety seat belts, air bags [...]

  If you want to lose weight the first and the most common thing in many diet plans is that you have to cut down or simply quit alcohol. Terms such as ‘beer belly’ clearly specify that in common public weight gain is associated with alcohol, but is it really so? Following are a number of reasons that clarify association of weight gain with alcohol consumption: Alcohol is calorie rich [...]

The metal copper is made up of Cu (metal atoms) and is a very common metal that is used by humans in different ways. In its natural form copper is pinkish or peachy colored. Like other metals for instance iron copper also undergoes the process of oxidation. Oxidation is basically a process in which chemical changes take place when a substance is exposed to the elements present in air. In [...]

We see people around us who have bent pinky fingers some have more bent fingers then others; it is a medical condition and is commonly known as Camptodactyly. Usually people suffering from Camptodctyly have ancestors whose fingers are bent and that explains it being a hereditary condition. Defining the Condition The condition Camptodactyly is explained as a flexion deformity (disfiguration) of the finger. People who have Camptodctyly syndrome have one [...]

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