Freezing and turning off of laptops don’t happen to old models only. Even relatively newer ones may shut off if something’s amiss. You can think of the usual suspects, and your hunch may just be correct.

First, let’s clear up some terms here. A computer or lap top shut down is called system freeze. And it’s usually caused by a hardware defect.  Even while your lap top constantly turns on because of a software defect, its OS gets in the way of the basic processes. Sometimes your software crashes the OS.

The question, however, is, can you do something about it?

What to do with a sudden lap top shut off

You’re in the middle of things, and you don’t have enough time to lose. This is what you do, then:

Laptop Keep Turning Off Why Does My Laptop Keep Turning Off

1. Check the hard drive. Notice that when you boot, the Grab Menu shows you an option “memtest 86+”. You can scan that (but it takes hours). You should be able to see the result much later, but if it shows you the same error, it could be your motherboard has the error.

2. The heat. The least idea you can entertain is to think that your new lap top may be overheating, if not your motherboard has loose caps. When your system overheats because your CPU’s temperature goes awry, your lap top has auto power down feature.  Most PC and lap top lock ups occur due to overheating. Check your temperature device and have a look at your laptop CPU.  Check your laptop’s casing and clear out the vents. There might be dust particles stuck in the area. Put your laptop away from heat-seeking materials such as pillows, couch, blankets, or any textile that absorb heat fast.

3. Sudden power surge. If not, your lap top may have shut down because of a power hiccup. You may say it’s a sudden surge of power that jolts your lap top. This results in a lag—or your lap top reboots, if not it goes into error mode. This is called the Blue Screen of Death. It’s not like final death as in oblivion—your computer can still recover your files, but expect them to be skewered. Imagine someone meeting a head-on collision with a ten-wheeler truck and comes out from a long coma. What you need is a UPS and a surge projector. Then go ahead and check the power cord in case you may have plugged it in half way.

Laptop Why Does My Laptop Keep Turning Off

4. Software censor.  Or, you may not have installed a software that limits full access to your lap top. Your lap top’s overheating is caused by overuse, of course, so you can check your lap top’s BIOS and monitor temps. Air out your lap top. The most you can do is replace them with new ones, or buy a new motherboard.

You can put thermal paste on your PC’s CPU.  You can also do a virus scan in case there are viruses and Trojans.  Check your mother board’s documentation and look for the suggested values.

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