We’ve seen cats massaging people. We’ve also seen cats playing with mice. Cats have done a lot of things that no ordinary pets can. But, really, when cats knead, do they actually mean it?

Cats making biscuits

Cat’s kneading is called “making biscuits.”  When you have a litter at home, you can observe that when a kitten is nursing it kneads its paws against its mother’s. The kitty does this to pump up more milk. And as the cat grows it kneads to express joy at seeing things the way they are.   It is also a sign of relaxation. Studies have shown that cats do this and to their own masters as well when they feel that their masters are stressed. Male cats knead to stimulate themselves.

Cat Knead Why Does My Cat Knead

Kneading is a carryover from a cat’s childhood. The other word for it is “milk tread” as it happens when a kitty wants to jerk milk from its mother’s teats.  When your cat kneads you instead, it probably sees you as a mother figure. Kneading is your cat’s way of expressing her affection for you.

Other ways cats express affection

Your cat may lick you or it may lick another cat. She may rub her face, whole body or tail around you and other cats she likes. More than that, a cat leaves its scent on a body part that it touches. Your cat is also very possessive: when she does that she simply says she owns you.

When your cat greets you at the doorstep with a stiff raised tail, that means she trusts you. If your cat is not so sure about how it feels, it’ll put its tail down low. The best way to tell your cat really likes you, is when she lies on her back when you walk up to her. She shows you a very vulnerable part of her body– her belly.

How to care for your cat

Caring for a cat is a delicate job. It’s widely known that people who have pet cats generally have a sound sense of well being. They are also known to live longer.

Cat Kneading Why Does My Cat Knead

1. Prepare comfortable cat sheets. This is your cat’s sleeping area, and you should treat it like a respectable bedroom.  Cats get stressed by roughly folded sheets.

2. Get your cat a carter. At a certain point or other you may have to take your cat to the vet or elsewhere, and the best way to carry her around is on a cozy carrier. You can choose the carrier that matches your cat—from plastic to woven baskets. Remember that convenience is for you and your cat.

3. Prepare a collar. Get a collar, not a leash.  A collar serves two purposes: first, for easy identification second, as a flea repellent. Some special cat collars have chemicals in their fabric that protects your cat from ticks and fleas.

4. Get your cat a handy feeding equipment. You just don’t feed your cat on a bowl straight out of your own kitchen. Buy her one for herself. The bowl should neither be too deep nor too shallow for your cat, especially if it’s a kitten. If you want to return your cat a favor, you can have her bowl personalized with her name emblazoned on it.

The next time your cat kneads, put it on your back so you both feel good.

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