When cats and babies cry, you can barely tell them apart. Many people have been punked and pranked by this.  Cats, like all animals including you and me, cry for certain reasons.

Why cats cry

In the case of cats, they don’t always cry because they’re hungry for food. In many cases they cry because they’re hungry for a sexual partner, especially during their mating season.  It’s strange but cats are said to be more vocal than dogs. And cats being the social animal that they are, cry because they want to have company.

Cat Cry Why Does My Cat Cry

Meow is technically not considered a cry. When   a cat meows it’s simply a greeting.  Your cat’s crying may vary depending on what they’re looking for—from companionship to intimate sexual relationship. On rare occasions cats may cry out of boredom. Before you call this theory ridiculous (knowing that your pet cat doesn’t do much except to snooze and follow you around when it wakes up), cats also need to do R&R (rest and recreation)—with you taking the lead. Oh, how they love to play with you all the time!

How to stop your cat from crying

So that your cat doesn’t cry all the time and wake you up in the middle of the night, you need to:

1. Set up active activities for your cat. Play with it when you’re free. Wash it and feed it with food it hasn’t tasted before, or give it the food that it likes best. Reward you cat, in short.
2. Don’t ignore your cat. Cats are stressed when you ignore their advances. You don’t even have to do anything as your cat senses how you feel and what you think. You just have to be there when your cat calls for you. The least you can do for your cat is call its name, look at it straight in the eye, or give it a pat on the head. When your cat wraps itself around your leg, don’t kick it away. Let it be, and when it knows you’ve had enough it’ll simply go away.

3. Talk back to your cat. Cats may not cry all the time, but they may chatter or mumble. It’s really creepy to hear cats chattering incomprehensively like old women.  When they do this, listen in and talk back.  They love it when you spurt out a few comforting words.

Cat Cry1 Why Does My Cat Cry

4. If your cat wants you to take it for a walk, go along. Cats like sight-seeing and be seen. 

5. If your cat wants to put you under its control, you may consider turning down her advances. Stop giving in to your cat’s whims. Your cat knows how to take advantage of your feelings because they can read them. Do it once or twice, as the case may be, and teach your cat a lesson on patience.

6. Feed your cats at regular intervals.  Cat’s like repetition. This time around, though, don’t give in to it– make your intentions known. Feed it on your own terms. When they cry because they want to be fed earlier, put your foot down and feed it later. But when you switch the time once, don’t change it every so often so your cat doesn’t get confused.

Nothing relaxes you more than having a relaxed feline on your lap. This scene regulates your blood flow and calms your heart.

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