According to the Nebular Hypothesis sun is a cooling and rotating nebula and our planet earth has been formed as a result of solidification of a ring along with eight other such rings thrown by it.  Theory of nebular hypothesis was put forward by German philosopher, Kant and French mathematician, Laplace. But according to the Jeans and Jeffery theory proposed in 1925 two nebulae are involved in the creation of […]

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We see people around us who have bent pinky fingers some have more bent fingers then others; it is a medical condition and is commonly known as Camptodactyly. Usually people suffering from Camptodctyly have ancestors whose fingers are bent and that explains it being a hereditary condition. Defining the Condition The condition Camptodactyly is explained as a flexion deformity (disfiguration) of the finger. People who have Camptodctyly syndrome have one […]

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Doctors and medical experts all around the world strongly oppose the habit of smoking as it has been found to be a serious threat to human health. Researches in the medical field have proved that several hostile diseases such as stenosis, strokes, cancer and malfunctioning of the cardiovascular system are also caused due to the bad habit of smoking. High blood pressure is also a result of excessive smoking. High […]

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Swine flu has caused worldwide panic and may have caused absolute ban on pork were it not for a quick massive information campaign. Even in the United and Europe, swine flu is little understood, and may have gone unnoticed without informed media campaign.   Swine flu flared up showing symptoms pretty much like your average flu. What gets health authorities heads reeling is the utter unreliability of death figures. According to […]

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A skin peeling session sounds like a very appealing invitation to people with rough and pockmarked cheeks.  But to those with well toned- fair skin, skin peeling is not only pointless—it can even cause doubts. A peeling skin can be viewed in many ways, depending on where you’re coming from. So long as it doesn’t come with the great itch and blisters, you might even have a go at it. […]

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If you can’t find time to go for a massage, you can stretch and make your back pop and rattle, whichever comes first. One or the other makes you feel good that you come away with a smile on your face. Stretching is not only for the elderly nor for athletes. Look at cats and dogs—they love to stretch even with very little sleep. Reasons why stretching makes you feel […]

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We all have our brush with stubborn Windows Installer pop ups. And we’ve felt every imaginable shades of annoyance toward this. What’s most annoying is the phrase that says “Preparing to install” without saying or showing you anything else. If that doesn’t get at you, wasted time probably will. What is Windows Installer Windows installer helps you work with various software fairly easily. Windows installer makes installing, upgrading, deleting, and […]

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The day you installed Vista into your PC, you heaved a sigh of relief. Slow days are over, you thought.  Called Microsoft’s next generation operating system, Vista has earned a name for ease of use and performance, far more and above Windows XP. For good reasons: Vista capitalizes on these features: It can spy hardware problems Its security feature covers the latest virulent threats like viruses and spyware Even if […]

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It sounds like a question asked at the dawn of the Stone Age.  If at all, grade school kids have surely made an experiment along these lines in Science class—if not in your own  backyard ( while you were not looking). And they came by the answers just as when smoke started forming. The moral of the story is: Keep matchsticks out of reach of misguided children. All living things […]

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With more than 20 million active users around the world, YouTube is the world’s largest video streaming and sharing site. You wouldn’t know how big the population of random users, hackers, copyright bandits, and perverts using YouTube.  Now imagine each one using YouTube all at the same time—by “using” we mean uploading, watching, and sharing video: What happens? You don’t need to go to YouTube to be able to see […]

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