Everyone knows Lamborghinis aren’t exactly the cheapest cars on the planet, but when the Italian company released their 50th Anniversary creation in 2013 – the Veneno Roadster – its outrageous looks came at an outrageous price – the cool £3.36M needed to secure this lunatic of machine earned it the ‘World’s Most Expensive Car’ title. So why does the Lamborghini Veneno Roadster cost so much? Before I explain, here are […]

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When auto manufacturers decide to revive an old classic, it’s often comparable to a movie remake – whilst it might make for entertaining viewing, it lacks the punch, originality and the impression it made throughout the zeitgeist in which it ruled. Buick has always been considered a premium brand, its cars luxurious yet lacking any kind of performance. For years (and still to this day) the luxury cars have been associated […]

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Relaxation — it seems such an easy thing to do, yet for many people the meaning of the world is lost. What is the first thing to learn in trying to relax? The first thing to learn whenever you are going to do something is to know the roots of a problem. If you ask me how I would get rid of my tension then I would have to know […]

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Until recently, fiber was considered a necessary part of everyone’s diet mainly because it promoted intestinal regularity. Lack of enough fiber could cause constipation — nothing more. But medical researchers have begun to find additional important reasons for including in everyday meals enough foods that are high in fiber. Recent evidence points to the possibility that a low-fiber diet may be a factor in the high incidence of certain illnesses, […]

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